About Us

Commercial Title Services provides the highest level of timely services to help you fulfill your commercial real estate objectives. Reliable, transparent, and experienced…we bring it all to the table, ensuring your commercial real estate transaction is safe and secure for all parties.

Commercial real estate can be complex and risky, but our goal is to build a relationship with our clients that will bring them back time and again by utilizing our experience for a professional, detailed transaction from start to finish.

Our Services

Title Services

Each title exam provides information regarding the history of the property’s ownership and includes a summary of all outstanding recorded interests in the property.

Closing Services

Our closers are actively involved in helping you solve title issues, drafting documents and providing smooth funding for your transaction. Our closing services offer a safe and smooth transfer of funds.

1031 Exchange

We act as a Qualified Intermediary in a 1031 exchange in conjunction with our ability to serve as escrow officers throughout the transaction.

Disbursing Services

We verify incoming funds and release payments to all parties that are involved with the transaction. Our diligent work before and after closing ensures that all funds are collected and distributed correctly.