Affiliated Companies


Secured Exchange, LLC

Considering a 1031 Exchange? From simple to intricate and demanding transactions, Secured Exchange, LLC, our 1031 Exchange company, executes exchanges nation-wide. Once your accountant, tax preparer or legal advisor confirms a 1031 Exchange is the right move for you, call us to learn more about strategies on deferring capital gains and how Secured Exchange can help.


JV Construction Disbursement

At JV Construction Disbursement, our mission is to provide reliable and efficient construction disbursement services that empower builders and developers to focus on their core competencies while we handle their financial management needs. We are dedicated to streamlining the disbursement process, ensuring accurate and timely payments to subcontractors and suppliers, promoting financial transparency, and fostering strong relationships built on trust and integrity. Through our expertise, innovation, and commitment to exceptional service, we aim to be the trusted partner that enables our clients’ success in delivering high-quality construction projects on time and within budget.

Omni Title Services

With offices in Omaha, Nebraska City, Aurora and Columbus, the Omni Title Services team supports and guides you through the closing process from start to finish. As your trusted title partner, we recognize that our title company is the final step to your most valuable asset and put our best foot forward with every residential and new construction transaction.

Our dedicated professionals are on your side from the title order to the final signature, ready to celebrate with you when the time comes. Complicated transaction? Those are our specialty. Throughout the state of Nebraska, we are here for you.